Happy Pony

Jack London shoes | Happy Socks

My new shoes from Jack London arrived last Friday. It was love at first sight when I spotted them in-store a while back, so I was extremely happy when I got them for around 60% off. I picked up the Happy Socks in David Jones whilst in Sydney.

I feel as if I've been in an affair with my blog, and school is the one I'm married to. For years we've had this secret relationship, that 'school' didn't know about. We would go out to parties and events, go to fashion shows, and I'd return to school the next day, without a word about my extraordinary night prior.

Well, the divorce papers are almost in. I've had my last-ever classes, my celebration week and final assembly. I've done 2 exams and have  4 to go, then I'm done.

Can't wait until I'll be back full time!



  1. Exciting that you have almost finished school! I do not miss high school at all!
    I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago...I was on the hunt to find fashionable males who aren't douche bags! haha.
    You have an amazing eye for fashion, and you seem very down to earth and lovely! I'm sure you have a very bright future ahead for yourself once schools out!
    And exciting to see that you are also from down under! (I'm a kiwi girl!)
    xox Amie

  2. yes yes yes!!!! do happy socks know you did this cos they would love it! they send me some socks! shoe love ps!